Message from the President

Hans Gregersen



Since 1984, the Congresses of OESO have distinguished themselves from other scientific gatherings, and today are recognized by international experts as a unique opportunity to immerse themselves completely in all aspects of esophageal diseases.


Unlike other conferences where the program is drawn from a selection of abstracts, the OESO Congresses have always respected the innovative concept of the first meeting, that is, a succession of carefully stated questions to be answered in no more than 5 minutes : this, in the aim of achieving, by the end of the Conference, a singular in-depth analysis of one, single topic.


We are happy to now announce the 13th OESO World Conference scheduled from August 31 to September 3, 2015 at the Grimaldi Forum based in the Principality of Monaco, with the chosen topic of “The Esophagiome”.


The Esophagiome is a new concept of great interest for scientists, clinicians and companies. The core of the esophagiome is technology, but it also represents a topic inclusive of molecular and biologic science, physiology, cancer care and clinical patient care.


A major difference in the 13th OESO is the institution of a change in how we intend to involve our industrial sponsors. For the first time, we would like to invite Industry to participate beyond being exhibitors or “passive”. We would like Industry to play a more active role in the meeting and, for this reason, we are introducing a new model of sponsorship.


Rather than the traditional society meeting format, we have developed a wide number of sponsorship opportunities – each of which is intended to directly involve your company.


Several sessions of the congress have been specifically designed to address Industry related topics, or to involve a dialogue with Industry. An example is “The Great Exchange”, Plenary Session where industry leaders and clinical scientists discuss topics of your choice before the OESO audience.


There will be opportunities to be the exclusive corporate sponsors of specific topic fora that address a subject relevant to you, with the recorded results of the session made available for your use. As top thought leaders in the world are together at OESO, we will set aside time and space for you to meet with your corporate thought leaders as we would love to involve them in the OESO meeting as well. Attached are descriptions of these and other sponsorship opportunities.


Please be aware that some of the activities will be on a first come basis, so do not hesitate to contact us

for further inquiry.


We are hoping that, amongst your other commitments for 2015, you will see the OESO congress in Monaco as a new and fruitful way to interact with scientists and clinicians and to share your ideas and market your products.


Your participation, contribution and sponsorship to the 13th World OESO Conference are of great value to us all.



Hans Gregersen


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